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EduSol is a leading educational support consultancy that focusses on talent incubation and innovative educational solutions.

About us

Our service offering includes a private tutoring service with highly trained professional tutors, a branch of content specialists that collaborate with schools and businesses to teach with innovative and modern practices and a unique business development unit that drives opportunities within EduSol and for our network of clients
and collaborators.

Our vision is to bring Education 4.0 into the classroom in a practical, relevant and contextualised manner. Our aims are to develop and incubate talented individuals to become the model of what a modern teacher and trainer is, skilled in blended learning and leadership.

More than 600 tutors
and teachers countrywide

are pursuing Masters
or Doctoral degrees

Bachelors degrees

8 Locations
PTA, JHB, CPT, DBN, Bloem, Potch, Stellenbosch and PE

More than 1200
past students

What makes us different?

Our talent acquisition and development programme aims to up-skill tutors and teachers, developing them to move into more challenging roles as they grow, and providing them with a great early career journey while they study.



• Undergraduates
• Early career graduates
• Content specialists

• Basic tutor training
• Study methods training
• Learning disability tutoring
• Soft skills development


Facilitators and

• Postgraduates
• Advanced degree holders
• Subject area specialists

• Presentation skills
• Teacher training
• Workshop and classroom
• Management
• Entrepreneurial skills


Consultants and
Project Managers

• Postgraduates
• Advanced degree holders
• Experienced professionals

• Business acumen
• Project management
• Innovation training


EduSol is a research-led educational service and talent incubator. We have partnered with the University of the Witwatersrand (WITS) to address the articulate gap observed between learners going from high school to tertiary level. We are developing cutting edge interventions with a focus on Education 4.0 (4IR), said to be a crucial need for the South African educational structure.

Our teachers enrol in PGCE, Masters and Doctoral programs at the WITS School of Education while they serve our growing network of clients and collaborators. They are experts in implementation and integration of modern teaching practices in the South African context.

Hybrid learning

We offer bespoke services for educational content development to bring Education 4.0 into your classrooms. Our consultants develop hybrid learning initiatives at your school, institution or business, that allows for great flexibility and adaptability to fit your teaching philosophy or training needs.

Our services

Teacher recruitment

Part-time teachers

Substitute teachers

Project-based tutors

Bespoke tutoring programs

Virtual classroom setup

Blended learning implementation

Practice-based research and development

Implementation of education-based projects and project management

Our business partners and collaborators

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